Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some relevant "how-to and faq's" on Gubbit's structure and it's operation

How do I search deals on the product that I want to buy?
Enter the product name in the Gubbit's search bar and hit Submit. You will get a list of deals available on those respective products. Click on the individual link and it will take you to the online store offering those deals.

How do I compare prices and get the best value for money?
Currently Gubbit is working on optimizing the content so that it can be sorted in all possible ways. As soon it becomes available, you will be able to compare prices.

Is Gubbit capable of searching all possible deals on web?
Gubbit is currently capturing majority of the online store feeds and publishes deals in the database as soon it becomes available. However, due to the vastness of the online stores, not all could be included in the database and we might miss out some. We do like if users can submit those feeds and make our lives easy.

Do I buy directly from Gubbit?
Gubbit always redirects you to third party websites that are offering those deals. However, we would love to sell anything if you like to buy from us. 

The product I want to buy is not listed in the search results, why that could be?
The deals and promotional prices on products process is very volatile and does not lasts long enough. If there is no deal available, the search results may not show any in the list. However, we are working on keeping a track of promotional prices on individual products in our database to help consumers understand a baseline of those prices.

Does Gubbit performs a price comparison on products?
No. At this point, Gubbit is not capable of doing a sortable price comparison. 

I am an online store owner and want to post deals on Gubbit, how do I submit those?
Please visit submit your deals section for more details.

What happens if the deal is no longer valid or expired on the store website?
All we can say is - bad luck and visit Gubbit frequently to avoid missing such deals.

Can I set up alerts so that we can know when the products are available on promotional price?
Absolutely, Gubbit would love to send you emails if you want to set up alerts.

Can I share those deals with my friends?
!BETA!, we are working on it. Upon its completion, just click on "like" button next to each deal and your friends can see it very next moment.

What if I buy products that came up in Gubbit's search results and then I want to return or claim refund on it?
You have to contact the respective store owners and their customer service for the same. Gubbit does not take's any responsibility or liability of the users shopping experience with respective store owners. However we would love to hear your feedback. 

Can Gubbit search local store deals?
It will be available in a nick-of-time.

Can Gubbit search local online deals such as groupon, living social, etc?
Gubbit is diligently working on organizing those deals and available websites based on each location across the US continent. 

Is Gubbit available outside of US?
Not at this point, but soon we will.

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